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Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick 10″ Adhesive Cleaning Roller

Your Dirt Sticks to Us! The Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick is an innovative adaptable cleaning tool that cleans multiple surfaces at all levels. The telescoping pole extends up to 48″ and allows the user to stand upright. The 10″ roller head is ideal for larger areas- in particular hard surface flooring where lint, dust, sand and hair are easily removed. Package Contents: * Extendable pole to 48″ * 10″ adhesive refill (30 sheets)


Clean Anywhere With the Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick Extendable Cleaning Roller!

  • Avoid putting yourself in an unsafe position trying to clean hard-to-reach places.
  • Grab dirt, dust, and grime easily with the adhesive strips on our cleaning roller.
  • Great cleaning help to tidy up everywhere for those with mobility issues.

The Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick is a new innovative adaptable cleaning roller tool. From removing dust on fan blades to cleaning under the seats in your vehicle, this cleaning roller is designed to help you keep your spaces clean without hassle or risk to your safety. Instead of climbing a ladder to clean those high-up spaces, use the Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick’s extendable pole to help the cleaning roller reach up for you. Our cleaning roller was designed to make cleaning easier. It’s great for picking up pet hair as well as cleaning floors, automobiles, furniture, and more!

Kit Contains:

  • Extendable Pole
  • Body Head
  • 10” Roller with Pin
  • 6” Roller with Pin
  • 10” Adhesive Refill (30 sheets)
  • 6” Adhesive Refill (30 sheets)


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Weight 18.7 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 2.25 x 13 in

Roll ' No Go


Silver / Black

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